Meet Monika

Monika KristoffersonMonika Kristofferson

Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant

Serving Businesses & Residential Clients in Snohomish County

Increasing Efficiency, Decreasing Stress & Motivating Change!

Your Biggest Cheerleader for Change!

Monika Kristofferson is a Professional Organizer, Productivity Consultant, Speaker & Author. Monika uses her strength of being naturally organized to help others who have their own unique strengths. As a business owner, she knows firsthand the importance of being organized and managing time efficiently for life balance, meeting deadlines and protecting the bottom line of the business. As a homeowner, she fully appreciates the value of being organized to enjoy a peaceful home.

Clients who work with Monika typically contact her because they feel stressed, overwhelmed, stuck and unable to find a good starting point to declutter, get organized and manage their time wisely. Monika brings ten years of professional experience helping clients declutter, create systems and get organized in a non-judgmental manner along with a dose of motivation.


  • GO System Certified Productivity Trainer
  • Goal Coach for W.I.S.E. Women Accountability Program
  • Expert on (On Demand Business Advice)
  • Co-President Network Lake Stevens
  • Past Board Member & Ambassador Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce