Decluttering Tips

Walk into any room that is packed with clutter and it can stop you in your tracks.  It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frozen and like you can’t breathe. As a professional organizer, I see it all the time. I work with busy people who have accumulated too much stuff […]

Too Much Clutter Can Make it Hard to Breathe

If you’re setting out to declutter and organize your home, your office or your life, I want to help you avoid some pitfalls or mistakes that may foil your progress. Take a look at these five decluttering mistakes so you can head them off at the pass. Plowing ahead without […]

Top 5 Decluttering Tips

If you have clutter, do you think the only issue before you is the fact that you’re looking at piles of stuff? I’m here to tell you that it’s about much more than that. Clutter and piles bring with them a host of problems and getting rid of them brings […]

It’s Not Just the Clutter

I’m a messy cook, I’ll admit it. I’m not overly fond of cooking, but creating healthy meals for my family is important to me. On the nights when I feel rushed and like everyone is waiting for me, I tend to kind of blow up the kitchen. Some people are […]

How to Clean When You’re Overwhelmed

Have you been procrastinating on decluttering and getting organized? What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? I know for many people, looking at their clutter can feel overwhelming and cause them to freeze, not knowing where to begin to tackle the piles. But those piles aren’t going away […]

Spring Into Action

Getting organized isn’t just about rounding everything up and putting your stuff into boxes or baskets. There are a few stages that go together for the final ta da. The first stage is to declutter before containerizing. Getting organized is about letting some things go that you no longer need, […]

The Three Stages of Organizing

When you get the itch to clean out your closets, drawers, shelves and bins, does it matter to you where it goes? When I’m done with something, I’m happy to unload it at the nearest drop-off facility. I always feel like someone will be at a second hand store, come […]

Does it matter where it goes?

Getting organized doesn’t have to take a ton of your time.   You can break big projects down into smaller projects and make your time and effort work for you.  If you declutter a little bit at a time consistently, then you will make great progress, open space and create an […]

10 things to toss today