Organizing Tips

Before you bake a cake, you need the foundation of all the ingredients on hand so you can successfully put together the ingredients and then bake something delicious. Before you get organized, you also need the proper ingredients or a foundation to get started. When you don’t have what you […]

Top 3 Prerequisites to Get Organized

Not everyone has the facts when they think about getting their home organized and how they are going to go about it. Sometimes the misconceptions people have about getting organized holds them back from jumping in and doing it.  Here are three organizing myths that you may find yourself thinking […]

Do You Believe These Organizing Myths?

Just what is it that prevents well-intentioned people from getting a handle on belongings and getting their homes organized? How come they want to get organized but just can’t seem to make it happen?  As a professional organizer, let me share with you where I see things take a turn […]

Two Organizing Pitfalls to Avoid

Do you struggle with whether or not you should keep something or let something go? When I’m working with clients during the decluttering process, I want them to go with their gut and make quick decisions. And, since they’re paying me by the hour, they do make quick decisions. Okay, it’s […]

Does this contribute to your lifestyle now?

I see all types of organizing needs since I work with a variety of clients. Some people are already very organized and they just need some new ideas and a fresh perspective for a specific space or project. Some people are looking at a whole home that needs decluttering and […]

Celebrate Your Progresss

Did you move into your home, quickly unpack and leave it that way because that’s just the way it is now? If it’s working for you and it’s not broken, don’t worry about fixing it. But the chances are good that your needs have changed since you day you moved […]

Do it Differently

If you’ve ever drooled over organizing pictures on Pinterest (everyone does that, right?), you may have noticed something-all the organizing containers match. The cohesive look is soothing and calming to the eye and the brain. It makes me go, ‘Ahhhhh’ (everyone does that too, right?).  No matter what’s stashed and […]

Use What You Have

Do you want to get organized but struggle with actually getting it done? There are quite a few hurdles or roadblocks that can hold people back from reaching their organizing goals. I’ve been helping people get organized for almost ten years now and I’ve noticed that many people have the […]

Top Organizing Roadblocks

What do you envision when you think about your home being organized? Do you picture walking through the door at the end of the day, looking around and seeing nothing out of place, stark kitchen counters, laundry-free couches, a bare kitchen table and perfectly organized closets? Sometimes I think people […]

Practical Not Perfect

As a professional organizer, I’d say that the majority of homeowners I see have photos that need to be organized. Lots and lots of boxes of photos.  Are you one of those people with plastic tubs or cardboard boxes stacked in a closet or shoved under a bed? Are you […]

Oh, Those Photos!