Recently, I’ve noticed a new trend with this generation of parents and I’d have to say, I like it! There seems to be a movement in some households to reduce toys, only keeping a few special ones and then, gasp, letting kids use their imaginations. Yes, fewer toys to step […]

Reduce toys, increase imaginations

Shut the door.  The End.  Just kidding. Well, I’m kind of kidding. Getting a teen to get organized can be quite the challenge. Are you up for it? The bedroom is a teen’s personal space and they want to be the king of the castle in their own room. Understandable. […]

5 Ways to Help Your Teen Organize Their Room

If you’re helping your teen or pre-teen get organized in their room, there are some essentials that you should consider adding to the space. Teens have a lot of stuff and they are trying to store most of it in one space.  Just think of all the things you have […]

10 Things to Put in Every Teen’s Room

Study in 96 minute increments of uninterrupted time and then take a break. This means shut the door, turn off your cell phone and study with complete focus; 96 minutes is 20% of an 8-hour work day. You’ll be more productive if you study with complete focus and don’t multitask. […]

Study Tips for College Finals

When you first announced you were pregnant, someone probably gave you the gift of a really soft, cute stuffed animal for your future bundle of joy. And so it begins, the stuffed animal bonanza and eventual storage conundrum. Who can resist all of those sweet stuffed animals from the zoo […]

Stash your stuffed animals

Soooo many Legos. Are you walking your way across a sea of pointy objects in your child’s bedroom at night? They hurt the feet but they’re certainly good for the brain. Before we look at the benefits of kids playing with Legos, how about some Lego fun facts? After a […]

Organize Legos the easy way

The summer season of wedding bells is coming to a close as the fall season of school bells start chiming.  Are you ready? There are usually two camps of moms. The moms who are counting down the days until school would just start already! And the moms who are dreading […]

Six ways to stay organized for school