Paper & Office

If you like to follow tips and tricks for decluttering and organizing, the chances are good you’ve heard the advice that you should only have to touch something once. Typically, this is in relation to paper. The idea is that you have such a good system that you should never […]

Touch it Once. Myth or Reality?

Being disorganized in our business office affects our bottom line in a negative way. According to author Mary Anne Lessley, when you must search for 15 minutes a day for an important document or possession, you lose 11 eight-hour days per year-yikes! That adds up quickly and it takes us away from […]

5 Tools Every Organized Office Needs

As a business owner, I complete a lot of work from my home office: writing columns, jotting down client notes, working on marketing strategies, social media campaigns, accounting, etc. It’s great to work from home, but it can also be a double edged sword. It can be easy to get distracted by […]

3 Ways I Stay Organized in My Office

Whether you have a home office, a corner in the kitchen or work in a corporate setting, there are certain things you must have in your office space to work efficiently and feel comfortable too. Imagine sitting down on a hard dining room chair to go through your mail and […]

Work in an efficient space

You can easily spend hours each week just consuming information. And boy does information come to us in many forms:  internet searches, newsletters, links to articles through social media, posts to read on social media, texts, emails, books, newspapers, magazines, apps, junk mail, research and reports. I imagine I’ve missed […]

Curb Information Consumption

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You walk into your office to square off with piles of paper. Just entering the room and looking at the stacks on your desk, the top of the file cabinet and piles on the floor drains you. How are you supposed to work when you feel overwhelmed in your space? […]

Separate, Sort and Segregate Paper Piles

Your desk and surrounding areas are prime real estate in your office and you should make the most of them. It’s important to only have what you need in this area so you can work efficiently and not feel overwhelmed in your workspace. I know when I have too many […]

Banish these items from your desk

  Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and, poof, your office was organized?  And, no, matches are not an alternate solution here.  Depending on how many piles, stacks and the amount of disarray that you have in your office, getting organized could be a little or a […]

Staying organized easier after getting organized

  We’re all allowed to make mistakes, but these 10 office organizing mistakes will cost you valuable time, energy and effort, which can lead to a blow to your bottom line.  You have no systems: When you don’t have systems for storing and accessing your paper, then it turns into piles […]

Avoid these 10 office organizing mistakes