Celebrate Your Progresss


I see all types of organizing needs since I work with a variety of clients. Some people are already very organized and they just need some new ideas and a fresh perspective for a specific space or project. Some people are looking at a whole home that needs decluttering and organizing. The bigger the project, the more daunting it may feel and it may be difficult to see the end in sight. But, there are all types of little “ends.” Each time you declutter and organize one small space, you can stand back and look at the fruits of your labor and see it as an “end” for that specific space. Even if it’s just one drawer! Whether your project is big or small, I encourage you to celebrate your progress along the way.

What does a celebration look like? You get to choose. If you commit to organizing a drawer in your desk, you may want to treat yourself to a cup of coffee when you’re done. If your family declutters the garage for three hours on a Saturday, you may want to go out for lunch or to see a movie together afterwards. I always see before and after photos as a way to celebrate success and progress as well, especially when a client has a lot of work ahead of them. It’s very inspiring to look at the comparison of the before and after photos to see what a difference you were able to make in the space in a short time. Even one hour can be enough to make an impact. It’s also great motivation to not go back to the way it was in the beginning.

Don’t save your celebrating for the very end of the project. Keep celebrating along the way to stay motivated to keep going!

Courtesy of my Efficient Organization column in the Lake Stevens Ledger.

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