Five Fantastic Organizing Tips for the New School Year

Do you struggle with the hustle and bustle of morning chaos and stress before your kids head off to school every morning?  As a mom, I know that’s a tough way to start the day for everyone involved. Wouldn’t you love to get organized and face the new school year armed with a plan of action for a smooth start to each day? Follow these five fantastic organizing tips so you and your kids can start each day on the right foot:

Organizing Tip #1:  Give Homework a Home

Purchase a stacking tray for each child and be sure to label each tray with their name.  Homework can go straight from the backpack to their tray so they know where it is at all times. This will prevent homework from getting crumpled in the backpack or lost in a pile on the counter. Be sure to use the stacker for homework only, this is not the place for coloring books, puzzles or toys.

Organizing Tip #2:  Pack it Up

Make sure your kids have their backpacks, homework, lunch money, permission slips and lunches packed and ready to go each day. If you have a child who loves to get up bright and early, they may prefer to pack in the morning, especially if they are tired at the end of the day. If you have a child who is a grumpy Gus in the morning, consider having them pack up at night.

Organizing Tip #3:  A Tisket, A Tasket, Put it in a Basket

Baskets are awesome for gathering items that kids need to grab on their way out the door such as gloves, hats, scarves and sunglasses.  Give each child their own labeled basket without a lid so it’s easy for them to toss items back in when they enter the house.

Organizing Tip #4:  Create a Homework Kit

Make sure kids don’t have to search high and low for supplies before they can even sit down to work on their homework. Make it easy to work by creating a homework kit to keep supplies close at hand. A kit allows kids to be mobile if they like to work on the floor, table or in different rooms. You can buy an art caddy or use something as simple as a shoe box.  Load it up with pencils, pens, erasers, crayons, pencil sharpener, highlighters, glue sticks, a calculator, a ruler and any other important supplies.

Organizing Tip #5:  Let Go of Laundry Struggles

If you have a child who insists on throwing their clothes on their bedroom floor, then dirty clothes get mixed in with clean clothes and pretty soon you’re rewashing clothes which is not fun. Simply purchase two laundry baskets and label one “Clean” and one “Dirty.” If kids won’t hang up their clothes, they should at least be able to pile them in separate baskets so they can get dressed from the clean pile.  They are probably going to go out the door wrinkly, but at least they will be clean and wrinkly.

Use these easy tips to get organized this school year and enjoy a smooth start to each day!


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