How Important is This?

We all have a lot to do every day. And sometimes we put more stress and pressure on ourselves to get things done than we need to. We see something in our home that’s undone and automatically reach over to fix it. Say, for example, you look at your couch and your pillows are all crooked. You might automatically walk over to fluff the pillows and place them all in a neat row. But how important is this? Sometimes we expend so much energy on things of lower importance that we don’t have time or energy left over for bigger things that we mean to accomplish.

 This doesn’t mean I want you to just let everything fall apart in your home. But, as you go through each day, I want you to ask yourself how important a particular task is and what the impact will be if you don’t do it or you do it later. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples, starting with the pillows on the couch. Instead of adjusting them all throughout the day every time someone sits (or jumps) on the couch, you could fluff and adjust  them at the end of the day so you wake up  and start the day with a tidy couch. How about the way your kids fold the towels? Do you feel the need to go behind them and refold the towels? That’s going to take your time and energy. Maybe just having towels in the linen closet where you can find them imperfectly folded is okay.

The next time you go into automatic pilot wiping, straightening and adjusting things, stop and think about whether it can wait or whether it needs to be done at all. Make sure you have energy left for the bigger things in life.

Courtesy of my Efficient Organization column in the Lake Stevens Ledger.

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