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Guest on the Erica Glessing Show


Feaured in North End Metro Magazine January/February 2016


Guest on Chat for Women W.I.S.E Women Wednesdays Radio Show – KKNW

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Guest on The Productive Woman

Everett Herald Business Journal


Seven ways to focus to the finish line 

7 strategies to help you regain focus

How to overcome everyday distractions

Why punctuality matters more than ever

Time to pull the plug on paper planners?


3 strategies to stay connected when busy

Jot down your tasks to get organized

Partnering can help with accountability 

The struggle between efficient, effective 

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Now more than ever is the time to focus on morale


Realize when all eyes are on you

How a night owl can fly with early birds

Virtual resources can be huge time-savers

Cope with work stress before it’s too late

Examine priorities before it’s too late

Know what should be done, cut

Getting done, even if it’s not perfect

Meetings don’t have to be a waste of time

Work illusions that derail productivity

Don’t avoid work by reading this column

Know your critical tasks and get them done


Staying organized easier after getting organized

Follow the 5 C’s to effectively delegate

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Use the ART of paper flow to control clutter

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Write concise emails and save everyone time

If you’re multitasking, you’re just wasting your time

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Lake Stevens Ledger


How important is this? 

Five fantastic tips to get organized for the new school year

Top 3 prerequisites to get organized

What’s on your list for life balance and self-care?

Too much clutter can make it hard to breathe

Two organizing pitfalls to avoid 

Top 5 decluttering mistakes

Touch it once. Myth or reality? 

It’s not just the clutter

What are you saying no to?

How to clean when you’re overwhelmed 

Create white space

Spring into action

How to make a molehill out of a mountain

Plan ahead

Does this contribute to your lifestyle now? 

5 Ways to be punctual 

What are you waiting for? 


My 2017 word of the year

Reduce toys, increase imagination 

Celebrate your progress

Do it differently

Five ways to help your teen organize their room

The three stages of organizing

Don’t rely on your brain

Make new habits stick 

Digital vs. Dial

10 Things to put in every teen’s room

Use what you have

Top organizing roadblocks

Christmas in July

Opposites attract

Work in an efficient space

How to organize your refrigerator

Practical not perfect

Curb information consumption

Do something nice

How to get out the door on time

Does it matter where it goes?

Five ways to create time for yourself 

Oh, Those Photos!

You’re not a loser

Jar of awesome

Stash your stuffed animals


Word or resolution

Keep make-up in tip top shape

‘Tis the season to be intentional

Organize Legos the easy way

This is your brain on stress

Three easy ways to organize young kids

Embrace accountability

Oh, beautiful books

Six ways to stay organized for school

How to Store (or sell) Your Baby Clothing

Find Time for Reading

Knock, Knock. I’m Nervous.

Organize Kid’s Quiet Time

Make meetings meaningful

10 things to toss today

Pinterest isn’t based on reality

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Clutter causes stress

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True or False: Facts about a Professional Organizer

Ten toy taming tips


Tackle one task at a time

Clear your head, tackle your tasks

Three stress relief rules for the holidays

Overwhelmed by photo organizing?

Strike a social media balance

Keep your car organized

Get organized for middle school

10 tips to organize food storage containers

How to decide what to declutter

Herald Net


Start your spring cleaning by getting organized


The organized family: Four tips for keeping everyone on schedule


Sometimes it takes a pro to get organized