Home Organizing

Are you experiencing any of the following in your home life?

  • Stress
  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  • No idea where to begin to create order
  • Belongings have crossed the line from pleasure to stress
  • Overwhelmed by clutter or paper piles
  • Spending money to replace lost or damaged items
  • Searching for lost papers, files or money
  • Embarrassment when friends or family enter your home

I can help! Residential services include:

  • Personal consultations & organizing plans
  • Tips, resources, encouragement & support
  • Non-judgmental and confidential services
  • Side-by-side supportive sessions for clutter purging & organizing for all rooms of the home
  • Side-by-side supportive sessions for paper purging and file system implementation for the home office or home-based business office
  • Coaching for goals, time management & productivity issues

New  Residential Organizing Client Options

Consultation & Plan


*Tip Sheets     *Resources
*Labeled File Folder
*Product Recommendations
*System Recommendations
*Typed Organizing Plan
*2 Week Follow-up


Consultation & 2 Power Hours


*Everything in the ‘Consultation & Plan’
*2 Hours of Hands-on Decluttering and organizing
(two separate appointments)


Consultation & 6 Hour Stress Buster


*Everything in the ‘Consultation & Plan’
*6 Hours Hands-on decluttering and organizing
(2-3 hour sessions)

($10 Pre-Pay Discount)

Consultation & 12 Hour Rescue


*Everything in the ‘Consultation & Plan’
*12 Hours Hands-on decluttering and organizing
(2-4 hour sessions)

($30 Pre-Pay Discount)

Established  Residential Organizing Client Options:

A la carte


* From 2-5 Hours Hands-on decluttering and organizing


6 Hour Stress Buster


* 6 Hours Hands-on decluttering and organizing
(2-3 hour sessions)

($10 Pre-Pay Discount)

12 Hour Rescue


*12 Hours Hands-on decluttering and organizing
(2-4 hour sessions)


($30 Pre-Pay Discount)

90 Minute Tune-Up

*Great for previously organized spaces that need a touch-up.
*Great for small projects.


Payment Options 

  • Please inquire about pricing further than 45 minutes from Lake Stevens
  • Efficient Organization accepts payment of cash, check or credit card 
  • Payment required at the time of service
  • Packages to be completed within 120 days
  • Gift Certificates are available

Rooms & Spaces We Can Help You Organize:

  • Kitchen/Pantry
  • Living Room/Family Room
  • Dining Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Playroom/Toys
  • Home Office/Paper Management
  • Garage (no tool sheds or shops)
  • Craft Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets: Storage, Linen, Bedroom

Cities We Serve in Snohomish County:

  • Lake Stevens
  • Snohomish
  • Marysville
  • Everett
  • Mukilteo
  • Arlington
  • Smokey Point
  • Stanwood
  • Lynnwood
  • Granite Falls
  • Monroe
  • Clearview
  • Mill Creek

Please ask if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Rates Vary Outside of Snohomish County.

What Clients Are Saying:

Monika is amazing! Truly gifted for organization. Makes no judgement. ..just jumps in and starts sorting. Monika helped me go thru every single room of our home including every closet  and drawer. I am left with a home that is full of intention. Every single thing in our home is here intentionally. I feel like I just did an Elimination Diet of my life! What a gift Monika has and what a blessing she has been to our house and family. Thank you is not enough!”
Sarah Lee

“Monika is absolutely the best! We were taking on the project of redesigning or teen daughter’s bedroom, and wanted her to make the space her own, yet organized and easy to maintain. Monika helped my daughter make great choices for prioritizing her belongings, and finding ways to store them in attractive ways that are easy to keep up. She LOVES her new room and we are so grateful for Monika’s help, encouragement, and inspiration! Thank you!”
Nicole Morin

“Monika will energize and inspire you on tasks that don’t always feel doable. She’s a joy to work with and she loves improving lives!”
 Steph Bertholf 

“Prior to first meeting, Monika had us fill out a questionnaire. This was very helpful in that it forced us to clarify our thoughts on what we hoped to achieve. When we met with Monika, she spent about a half hour discussing our needs, provided us with several resource lists and an organizations folder she had prepared for us. Then she informed us what would happen when we got to the garage. When we got to the garage, we went over the whole garage, space by space, with her. She asked lots of questions regarding the items cluttering the garage. Did we use this or that, was there another place we could store it, etc.  She asked about what we planned to use various areas of the garage for. Many of her questions and comments got us thinking about our “stuff” in new and different ways. She had many useful suggestions for how we could organize the different spaces. Despite our embarrassment about the state of our garage, Monika did not blink an eye, there was no sense of judgment on her part. We were grateful for that. So far we have made good progress in cleaning up the garage and feel Monika was the right person to help us.”  
Nancy Baldwin (Angie’s List)

“I needed a complete home organization and Monika is professional, thoughtful and fun to work with…If you choose to go with an organizer…Monika is the first and last one that you will ever need! She always thinks of her customer first and foremost. I recommend her services hands down and thumbs up!” 
Lori Dean (Angie’s List)

“Monika was able to work well with both me and my husband to help us gain control over paperwork and small space challenges. She was instrumental in helping me sort and organize my mother’s things after her passing. She was a compassionate and effective partner at a difficult time. We have continued to work with Monika to improve our home spaces as we both work long hours and get overwhelmed trying to keep up at home. Her positive attitude and passion for her work have made this a great partnership. Monika is simply the best!!”
Jackie, Marysville

“Monika helped me organize and painlessly de-clutter my garage of 35 years worth of seasonal decorations, gardening tools and craft supplies. She was prompt, non-judgmental, professional and so fun and easy to work with. I had put this off for years and it was causing much stress with family members. I was amazed at how much we got done in 6 hours. Thank you!!!”
Barbara, Marysville

“I had been living in piles of paper for years. In about 90 minutes Monika taught me strategies to effectively organize bills, kids’ school paperwork, mailers, etc. Her system really creates a sensible “place” for everything and she even gave me “permission” to throw away some of that stuff I thought I might “need someday!” Most importantly, her system brought an order into my life that has made my home a peaceful and restful place to be. I highly recommend Monika.”
Cassie, Arlington