Productivity Training

Training Delivery Options:

  • Half-day training includes
    3 one-hour segments of training
    with 2 breaks
  • Consecutive weekly or monthly
    “Power Hour” seminars (3)

Training Includes:

  • Complimentary Assessment
    (Up to 30 minutes)
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Handouts|Exercises|Q & A
  • Follow-Up on Progress
    (Phone or Email)
  • Staff Support for 60 days
    (Phone or Email)

Additional Services Available:

  • Individual staff coaching & organizing
  • Goals & Habits Journal
  • “Productivity Bites” Book


Choose the 3 one-hour training topics that will best serve your team.

Man Buried Under PaperPurge Paper, Conquer Piles, Create Files
Are you feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed by paper piles on your desk? Are you wasting time looking for important documents? We will show you how to organize your office with appropriate office tools, creating a paper flow, scanning documents and creating paper file systems.
Stop WatchImprove Your Bottom Line with Efficient Use of Time
Are you struggling to meet deadlines, complete critical tasks and enjoy a work-life balance? We want you to feel accomplished at the end of the day so you can enjoy your personal life too. Discover how to manage your time effectively by learning how the brain affects our productivity and how we can use that knowledge to create better work habits. Learn how to beat procrastination, strategies to prioritize your workload, dealing with interruptions and time management techniques.
email buttonBecome the Boss of Your Email Inbox
Are you feeling overwhelmed by hundreds or even thousands of emails in your inbox? Email can be both friend and foe. Sending an email may seem simple, but there are many effective strategies to ensure that your email is professional, concise and appropriate. Learn how to compose a proper email and how to process email to stay on top of your inbox. Discover how to create folders so you can find emails in the future and learn strategies to reduce email and prevent some email from ever making it to your inbox.
Business briefingMaster Effective Meetings
Are your meetings a time suck instead of a productive and energizing use of your team’s time? Meetings should be a time to solve problems, create goals and benefit from the perspectives and input of the brilliant minds in your company. To make the most of your meetings, we will cover how to be prepared for meetings, the role of the facilitator, proper meeting format and the 6 types of meetings that are beneficial for every company to incorporate.
Business people in meeting

Create Cohesive Teams
Do you feel like your staff members are using their personal talents effectively? Creating teams that allow each person’s unique talents to shine will add value and improve productivity and morale in your company. Learn how to be an effective manager of talents and create teams that will bring out the best in each employee and benefit your company as a whole.

Creating BalanceAvoid Burnout, Create Balance
Are you experiencing overload, burnout and suffering from a poor work/life balance? Author, Brain Tracy, states, “It is the quality of time at work that counts and the quantity of time at home that matters.” Discover how to be your best at work while striking a balance to enjoy life outside of the workplace. Learn strategies to manage constant accessibility due to technology and social media as well managing time, tackling lists and fostering self-care.

*Please contact Efficient Organization for a fee schedule according to group size.

What Clients Are Saying:

“Monika, I want to thank you for the series of productivity classes you recently provided for me and my staff. We have all found them to be beneficial and helpful to planning our day, our calendars..and email!! I feel like your ideas were not overwhelming in the least, rather so simple to implement! thank you again for making our sessions fun, educational and productive!!”
Tonya Christoffersen, Manager of Administration Lake Stevens Sewer District 

“Monika provides a great service customized to your business needs. Presentation was delivered with great detail and professionalism. The skills tools that she has provided me and my team are in use today and has helped us to become a more efficient organization.”
Derick Baisa, CEO Absolute Manufacturing

“Thank you again for speaking at my office and presenting organization tips to my peers. I received incredible feedback on the advice you provided and the examples you gave were very valuable, it was extremely helpful that you took the time to customize the information to the business I am in and your extra efforts were appreciated. As always your dedication and professionalism meet and continue to exceed my expectations. I am very confident that you take exceptional care of the people you work with and I look forward to having you present again next year!”
Diana Jackson, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“Monika’s use of activities during her workshops help you understand and implement the course when you get back to the office. I learned about the negative impact multi-tasking has on completing tasks and the use of trigger objects to help keep your day organized. I cannot recommend her courses enough!”
Rick Stubblebine, Owner 912 Consulting

“I have had the pleasure of attending several of Monika’s organizational seminars. She provided practical and tangible tips in a fun and easy to understand format that I could ColumbiaBankLogoimplement immediately to help me make the most of my time. Email organization was the topic I was most interested in and her techniques have allowed me more time to be with my clients.”
Marci Miller, VP, Manager Columbia Bank 

“My biggest takeaway from a recent class with Monika was the hands on exercise on the inefficiency of multitasking. What an eye opening experience. It made me reevaluate how I work in the office.”
Renae James, Hometown Values Coupon Magazine

“After taking Monika’s class, I realized that time management helps you make conscious choices, so you can spend more of your time doing things that are important and valuable to you. I’m now able to manage my time more efficiently, and I can see it in my bottom line!”
Rob Toyer, Toyer Wealth Management

“Monika’s presentation was filled with useful tips that I was immediately able to implement into my daily routine. I was able to make my office and work area more organized and efficient, which has helped me be more productive and really just feel better about the way my office looks and feels.”
Dan Curley, Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club