“Wise Women Inspiring Successful Entrepreneurs has welcomed Monika Kristofferson to speak at our Focused Workshops on numerous occasions. From content to her ability to connect with the audience, we are always impressed with what Monika has to share.
Topics have ranged from Time Management and being Referral Ready. WISE highly recommends Monika for organization, businesses, and individuals who are looking for better more “efficient” ways of doing business.
Not only do you get a well organized presentation, but a fun relatable personality to boot.”

Carin Weier, Radio Personality ON THE AIR | WISE Women Wednesdays

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Monika is available to speak to your group, business or association.

Learn how to get organized with tips of the trade from a professional organizer. She will define course objectives, provide resource materials and teach you how to get organized with a dose of motivation to get you started.

All seminars available by PowerPoint.
Full descriptions are available by request.

Door prizes may be offered.
Pricing varies according to venue and/or number of participants.


Residential Topics 

  • Declutter Your Home & Decrease Stress
  • Purge Paper, Conquer Piles, Create Files
  • Declutter, Organize & Use Your Garage
  • Decluttering, Decisions & Downsizing for Seniors
  • Keeping Keepsakes: Learn How to Keep What You Love

Business Topics 

  • Purge Paper, Conquer Piles, Create Files
  • Improve Your Bottom Line With Efficient Use of Time
  • Become the Boss of Your Email Inbox
  • Master Effective Meetings
  • Avoid Burnout, Create Balance
  • Create Cohesive Teams
  • How to be Referral-Ready & Referral-Worthy

Organizing Kids/Family

  • Organized & Ready for Middle School!
  • Paper Control & Time Management for Busy Families
  • Paper Control for Busy Families

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What Clients Are Saying:

“Thank you so much for talking with all the moms at MOPS!! We have had several post on our Facebook page about how they took your talk to heart and started cleaning things out and …yes, found money (which is always a win!). Thank you again you were amazing!!!”
Melissa Clarke, Elim MOPS Coordinator

“Power packed education on efficient organization.”
Richard H.

“Monika is truly a professional & master at her line of work. Offering great ideas for systems has truly inspired me to tackle at my own pace.”
Hazel B.

“My office looks like a hoarding show. I didn’t know where to start. Monika gave several very specific ideas that let me feel like I know what to do to start.”
Ellison J.

“Monika is highly recommended by me for all her strengths. She has skills in on line marketing for small business. She does short videos with great tips and is always ready to share her knowledge.”
Barb Riffel, Team Leader at Partylite