Do you create balance in your life or do you just hope it will happen between work and everything else you have going on each day? Finding balance in life can be tricky, so I believe it has to be purposeful. We don’t just fall into balance, we have to […]

What’s on Your List for Life Balance and Self-Care?

Can women be crazy-busy and still get a pedicure too?  YES! !  I know it can be a real challenge to get everything done each day:  work, make dinner, wash clothes, make the bed and yet we’re still supposed to get some “me” time in?  How do we exercise, get […]

How You Can Make Time for a Pedi (and other ...

I recently had a busy mom ask me how to strike a balance during spring break between organizing projects and actually having some fun with her family.   This is a great question!  Especially since most of us have really long “to do” lists and would like to see a project […]

7 Tips to Balance Organizing Projects & Fun

I totally got to sleep in this morning (which as awesome!) and then I sat down to eat a nice breakfast, enjoy a sweet, hot cup of coffee and watch TV-gasp!  Well, as luck would have it, a Swiffer Wet Jet commercial came on that inspired me to write this […]

Take 5 for Life Balance