Question: What’s the first thing we need to think about when it comes to our closets? Answer: We wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. So, what’s really hanging in your closet or maybe even heaped on your bedroom floor right now? It’s very likely, you have a […]

What to Keep and What to Part with in Your ...

When you have kids, you  have a few things you’d rather not have them gettin’ their sweet pea little hands into all the time in their rooms.  I’ve got kids so I know, sometimes ‘quiet time’ gets just a little too quiet… Here at the top 5 things to store […]

Top 5 Things to Store Up High in Kids’ Closets

There are soooo many different shoe storage options available which is GREAT news for shoe lovers everywhere-yeah!  But what habits are you going to default to at the end of the day when you are tired, cranky and your feet hurt from those lovely high heels? If you truly feel […]

Shoe Organization-Are You a Liner or a Piler?

Are you passing clothing down from one of your children to another or maybe someone  else is passing their child’s clothing down to yours?  This is an awesome thing when you can get a second use (or perhaps a third) from perfectly good clothes!  My girls were born during the […]

10 Tips to Store Baby & Kids Clothes for the ...

Are you nervous when you open your coat closet?  Do you have to put your hands up to ‘protect the face’ just in case things might come tumbling out?  Baseball bats, games, wrapping paper, boxes of paper swept from the table and even coats might be squeezed in there.  Fear […]

5 Organizing Tips to Cut Clutter from Your Coat Closet

What’s wrong with this picture? Some of the hangers are the wrong direction!  This is the ultimate visual trick to determine whether you are truly wearing what you have or not.  Take all of your clothing and hang the hangers the wrong direction in your closet.  Anytime you wear an […]

An Easy Closet Organizing Secret…

It doesn’t have to take a major overhaul or major money to make a major difference when organizing your closet-yeah!  This is what was done with this closet organizing project… A worn out old dresser was removed from a long wall in the closet.  It was taking up a large […]

Gotta Love an Organizing Basket for Closet Organizing!

Watch for my upcoming daily posts where I will be sharing my favorite, simple to use, and affordable organizing products.  I will be sharing tips and products for the following categories: Kitchen Organizing Closet Organizing Bathroom Organizing Laundry Room Organizing Office Organizing One organizing product and photo each day to […]

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