Question: What’s the first thing we need to think about when it comes to our closets? Answer: We wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. So, what’s really hanging in your closet or maybe even heaped on your bedroom floor right now? It’s very likely, you have a […]

What to Keep and What to Part with in Your ...

Picture standing in front of your closet looking at: 1)  Hangers of all different types mixed up (wire, plastic, tubular) 2) Clothes spilling onto the floor 3) Clothes all mixed up:  shirts, pants, skirts all willy nilly 4)  Heaps of shoes 5) All seasons of clothing mixed together 6) The […]

5 DIY Organization Tips to Reclaim Your Closet

My final closet organizing pick is the closet doubler for under $15-easy, peasy!  So many of us have too little closet space or wasted space that could be utilized.  This is an inexpensive way to double your space, creating two rows of clothing storage.  And it installs simply by hanging […]

Professional Organizer’s Pick: Closet Organizing Product #5

I have found using drawer dividers in dressers to be so beneficial  in my house, especially for my kids.  I’ve also had a client use them in her kitchen, which worked out great in a deeper drawer!  I like these dividers because they separate your belongings so you don’t end […]

Professional Organizer’s Pick: Closet Organizing Product #2

Getting organized is often at the top of many people’s new year’s resolution goals.  And why of course I think it’s a great one!  It’s one thing to have a goal but it’s quite another thing to have a plan to make it really happen.  That’s where people get stuck, they have good […]

Get Organized With a Goal