Just what is it that prevents well-intentioned people from getting a handle on belongings and getting their homes organized? How come they want to get organized but just can’t seem to make it happen?  As a professional organizer, let me share with you where I see things take a turn […]

Two Organizing Pitfalls to Avoid

If you’re setting out to declutter and organize your home, your office or your life, I want to help you avoid some pitfalls or mistakes that may foil your progress. Take a look at these five decluttering mistakes so you can head them off at the pass. Plowing ahead without […]

Top 5 Decluttering Tips

If you have clutter, do you think the only issue before you is the fact that you’re looking at piles of stuff? I’m here to tell you that it’s about much more than that. Clutter and piles bring with them a host of problems and getting rid of them brings […]

It’s Not Just the Clutter

I’m a messy cook, I’ll admit it. I’m not overly fond of cooking, but creating healthy meals for my family is important to me. On the nights when I feel rushed and like everyone is waiting for me, I tend to kind of blow up the kitchen. Some people are […]

How to Clean When You’re Overwhelmed

Do you struggle with whether or not you should keep something or let something go? When I’m working with clients during the decluttering process, I want them to go with their gut and make quick decisions. And, since they’re paying me by the hour, they do make quick decisions. Okay, it’s […]

Does this contribute to your lifestyle now?

Recently, I’ve noticed a new trend with this generation of parents and I’d have to say, I like it! There seems to be a movement in some households to reduce toys, only keeping a few special ones and then, gasp, letting kids use their imaginations. Yes, fewer toys to step […]

Reduce toys, increase imaginations

I see all types of organizing needs since I work with a variety of clients. Some people are already very organized and they just need some new ideas and a fresh perspective for a specific space or project. Some people are looking at a whole home that needs decluttering and […]

Celebrate Your Progresss

Getting organized isn’t just about rounding everything up and putting your stuff into boxes or baskets. There are a few stages that go together for the final ta da. The first stage is to declutter before containerizing. Getting organized is about letting some things go that you no longer need, […]

The Three Stages of Organizing

If you’re helping your teen or pre-teen get organized in their room, there are some essentials that you should consider adding to the space. Teens have a lot of stuff and they are trying to store most of it in one space.  Just think of all the things you have […]

10 Things to Put in Every Teen’s Room

If you’ve ever drooled over organizing pictures on Pinterest (everyone does that, right?), you may have noticed something-all the organizing containers match. The cohesive look is soothing and calming to the eye and the brain. It makes me go, ‘Ahhhhh’ (everyone does that too, right?).  No matter what’s stashed and […]

Use What You Have