“It’s not about having time, it’s about making time.” Author Unknown At the end of the day, if you sat down and wrote a list of everything you did for the entire day, I feel confident your list would be really long because you were probably busy as soon as […]

How to Fit Goals into Your Schedule

Setting and striving to reach big goals can be both invigorating and overwhelming. It can be exciting to think about change, to mull over creating something new, to embrace new habits and to visualize reaching milestones. But big goals can sometimes stop us in our tracks because the finish line […]

How to Make a Molehill Out of a Mountain

When you first set a goal for yourself, you may feel very excited and motivated and feel like you can conquer anything! But, the longer it takes to reach your goals, the harder it may be to stay motivated and stay on track. If your personal goal is to run […]

How to Rally to Reach Your Goals

I just finished reading a really awesome book (that my business partner actually helped write!), called “Dotcom” Secrets by Russell Brunson & Matt D. Murren. It’s a book directed at business owners but it includes good goal-setting advice that can apply to any area of our business, homes or lives […]

Strategy Vs. Tactics to Meet Your Goals