Recently, I took on a new role in my business as a Goal Coach for a local business empowerment group for women. Along with coaching each Monday during a scheduled group call, I also helped the director create an accountability program. Fun stuff! Now, I already know firsthand how important […]

Embrace Accountability to Knock Out Goals

Most of us start each New Year with great expectations of making positive changes in our lives declared by New Year’s Resolutions.   Listed within the top 10 common resolutions are:  spending more time with family, losing weight, exercising and getting organized.   To reach our goals, we have to do more […]

Create new habits in the new year

  What gets you going when you are dragging a$$, having trouble getting out of bed or tackling a project?  Half the battle is usually just getting the momentum going.  It’s very common for me to see clients who don’t want to stop decluttering once they get going on a […]

What’s Your Motivator?

This procrastination series is based on the book,  “Eat That Frog,” by Brian Tracy.  Make sure you read the whole book for even more good stuff! Principle #4, according to Brian Tracy, is:  “Consider Consequences.”   Ask yourself, “What are the potential consequences of doing or not doing this task?”  In […]

Procrastination Principle #4

What’s on your New Year’s Resolution list this year?  To lose weight?  To take up a hobby?  To get organized perhaps… I know someone who can  help you with that :). This year getting back in shape and losing weight it on my list, which is unfortunate because in years […]

2 Groovy Sites to Reach Your Goals This Year