Life Balance

Do you create balance in your life or do you just hope it will happen between work and everything else you have going on each day? Finding balance in life can be tricky, so I believe it has to be purposeful. We don’t just fall into balance, we have to […]

What’s on Your List for Life Balance and Self-Care?

You can easily spend hours each week just consuming information. And boy does information come to us in many forms:  internet searches, newsletters, links to articles through social media, posts to read on social media, texts, emails, books, newspapers, magazines, apps, junk mail, research and reports. I imagine I’ve missed […]

Curb Information Consumption

It can be challenging to carve out time for you in this fast-paced world. Our time can easily be divided by so many different activities-family, work, volunteering, church, groups, associations and many more. With so many obligations and interests, why should you try to create some “me time?” There’s a […]

Five ways to create time for yourself

You take care of your company and you take care of your family, but do you take care of yourself?   In order to be effective and productive in both your work and personal life, it’s important to feel happy, healthy and balanced. In the midst of meetings, deadlines and a […]

Self Care for Busy Professionals

  Is there anyone who would prefer to clean house more than doing something fun?  Probably not so much.  Housework is one of those chores that just never seems to go away.  There is always something to wash, launder, wipe down or mop!   Rare is the day that everything […]

16 Housekeeping Hacks to Save You Time

Is it just us women or do men feel guilt all the time too?  I have a feeling that it’s a special burden that we women have taken on.  Guilt if we had to pick up fast food for dinner.  Guilt that the kids didn’t get in enough reading time. […]

No More Mom Guilt!

If you are sacrificing sleep to get everything done in a day, then it’s time to re-evaluate what’s going on in your life. #1: Do you need to delete something from your schedule? Look at volunteer positions and tasks that you may need to pass to someone else.  Maybe you […]

Are You Sacrificing Sleep?

I think is is so important for women to realize that it’s OK to focus on ourselves so we can take care of ourselves-mentally and physically and improve our life balance.  And I say exercise is a great way to do just that!   This is something that is really important […]

5 Great Reasons to Exercise Besides Firming Your Thighs