Your Home Organization Project List

Wouldn’t it feel great to be organized in your own home every day and enjoy home organization as a consistent way of life?  What an amazing feeling to feel in control and know where everything is, saving you time, money and a dose or two of stress.

To help you make that happen, I’m going to share a list of eight steps to get you started on the path to being organized.

To get organized you will need to do the following:

  1. Decide where you’re going to get started. Ask yourself what area of your home causes you the most stress? Is it the kitchen counter, the closet floor or the entry of your home? Start where the most pain is.
  2. Choose a date for your first decluttering and organizing session and write it on the calendar. Now you have a commitment instead of saying you’d really like to get organized “someday.” Because someday may not happen.
  3. If you’re going to enlist the help of friends or family, call them now so they can add the session with you on their calendar. Now they are committed too and you have a team.
  4. Purchase garbage bags or collect boxes to place unwanted items in.
  5. Create labels to place on the bags or boxes to make it easy to know what goes in them. Examples would be-garbage, donate, recycle and shred.
  6. On your decluttering & organizing day, be really honest about what you really need, love and use. Go with your gut and let the rest go.  Someone else is really going to appreciate the things that are no longer serving you.
  7. Place the items that you’ve decided to keep into systems. Use organizing tools like baskets, bins, hangers, hooks, shelves and labels to make it easy to create and use your systems.
  8. Enjoy your calm, organized space and keep it organized. Great job!

I hope this list helps you find the motivation you need to move forward on your organizing goals and projects!

Courtesy of my Efficient Organization column in the Lake Stevens Ledger.

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